Are flip flops aggravating your plantar fasciitis?

Now that summer time is in this article – it’s flip flop and sandal period for lots of. Sad to say, this also usually success in a increase in foot discomfort and plantar fasciitis conditions. A person of my viewers not long ago wrote to me and asked about this.

Here’s what Jennifer needed to know:

“Now that I’m wearing flip flops again, I noticed that my plantar fasciitis is acting up. Is there nearly anything I can do? Do I require to stop carrying flip flops?”

This is a good question Jennifer. In get to reply your dilemma, let’s glimpse at a several good reasons why plantar fasciitis takes place in the first spot. Preferably, if you can continue to be on top rated of your plantar fasciitis and/or avert it all jointly, flip flops will not even be an situation.