COVID-19 Risk Factors: A Comprehensive List

The virus that causes COVID-19 has absent by way of many mutations and variants. Some are additional quickly transmitted than some others, and some can lead to more intense sickness. But inspite of all of these mutations, public well being industry experts have recognized a range of COVID-19 threat aspects. These chance elements appear to improve your likelihood of critical sickness, hospitalization, or even demise.

Older age

As you age, your immune method, like many other body devices, begins to shed some efficiency. Your immune system may well consider for a longer time to respond or might not develop as strong of a response as it at the time did. You may also be afflicted by an autoimmune situation.

The age at which these changes come about varies. But a 2022 review suggests persons more than 50 decades previous have an amplified possibility of severe COVID-19. According to the Facilities for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), additional than 81 p.c of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in individuals in excess of 65 several years aged.

Weakened immune method

Your immune program is a gatekeeper when it comes to guarding you versus infection. This technique is responsible for recognizing and shielding versus bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances that enter your entire body.

Your immune system may well be by natural means weak due to the fact of a sickness or other condition, or medically weak by way of some variety of treatment. If so, it may not be capable to figure out or damage the virus that results in COVID-19.

Some situations or drugs that can add to a weakened immune process and maximize your danger of critical COVID-19 consist of:

Being pregnant

Throughout pregnancy, your human body goes by means of a lot of changes. Each individual method in your system, together with your immune method, is afflicted in some way by being pregnant. In accordance to the CDC, men and women who are expecting or have been expecting in the previous 6 weeks are at an amplified danger of additional serious disease from COVID-19.

Autoimmune ailments

Autoimmune illnesses come about when your immune system is not doing work effectively. With most autoimmune ailments, your overall body assaults its have cells or tissues.

Persons with autoimmune disorders may well shed some immune system protection from the condition by itself. But in lots of situations, the therapies for these conditions can lessen protections, as well. A lot of autoimmune health conditions are taken care of with medications that weaken the immune system in get to lower its assaults on your have overall body.

Examples of autoimmune ailments that can boost your hazard of critical COVID-19 involve:

Not all autoimmune techniques existing the same amount of risk, although. Celiac ailment, for case in point, has not been connected to an enhanced danger of intense COVID-19. Your chance of significant COVID-19 depends on the situation you have and the remedy you are obtaining.

Blood problems

Your blood is a big player in your immune function. Blood carries the white blood cells and other immune cells that travel through your entire body to detect and fight bacterial infections.

In accordance to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), COVID-19 can improve the possibility of blood clots and other difficulties. Folks with blood clotting problems may perhaps be at a better threat of extreme sickness from COVID-19.

Some of these circumstances incorporate:


Cancer is the basic title for a variety of situations wherever rapidly-developing most cancers cells choose above wholesome cells and tissue. When this transpires, cancer cells avoid the afflicted entire body part from carrying out its regular function, resulting in a cascade of signs or symptoms.

Some cancers, like leukemia, can directly weaken your immune process and raise your possibility of severe COVID-19. Other cancers typically affect the immune method, much too, both by direct hurt or via treatment method. Chemotherapy and radiation can properly eliminate lots of kinds of most cancers cells, but they also commonly damage immune cells in the process.

Diabetic issues

Kind 1 diabetic issues is an autoimmune affliction that minimizes the perform of your pancreas, the organ that will help manage your blood sugar by manufacturing insulin. Style 2 diabetes is acquired, often as a result of life-style aspects like diet plan.

Both of those these circumstances have been located to maximize the hazard of significant COVID-19. But according to a 2021 examine, kind 1 diabetes may well current the greater hazard.


There are a number of reasons why folks with selected bodily or developmental disabilities may also be at a heightened risk for a critical program of COVID-19. In accordance to the CDC, people today with disabilities might be inclined to other chronic conditions that enhance their hazard. They may possibly also stay in team settings, the place there’s a greater possibility of publicity.

Having selected disabilities is known to set you at individual chance of intense COVID-19, including:

Coronary heart disorder

People with coronary heart and cardiovascular health conditions are particularly at risk of obtaining really unwell from COVID-19. The virus alone normally takes a significant toll on cardiovascular health and fitness. Lots of individuals establish cardiovascular troubles following COVID-19, so possessing an impaired process to start off with sets the phase for extra significant sickness.

Illustrations of coronary heart or cardiovascular conditions that can maximize your threat of severe COVID-19 contain:


Hypertension, or superior blood strain, has been observed in more people today with extreme COVID-19, but information is not completely clear on why. Men and women with hypertension usually have other ailments that present their very own greater possibility of critical COVID-19, like heart condition and weight problems.

Hypertension can also increase your chance of stroke. And blood clotting issues in men and women with COVID-19 can boost this chance even more.

Kidney condition

According to the Nationwide Kidney Basis, COVID-19 boosts your threat of kidney harm, both from the virus itself or from remedy. If you have chronic kidney ailment or some other renal condition just before COVID-19, it can increase your possibility of acquiring kidney injuries and other significant issues.

Liver disorder

Your liver has numerous capabilities, which includes:

  • developing blood cells and hormones
  • regulating cholesterol and unwanted fat rate of metabolism
  • filtering waste from your entire body

A 2021 study suggests that COVID-19 can destruction your liver, either right or via cure drugs.

Individuals with the subsequent liver conditions may be notably at danger of creating critical COVID-19:

Lung illness

Of all the outcomes COVID-19 has on your system, its outcome on your lungs is maybe the most profound. COVID-19 generally qualified prospects to a type of pneumonia, where mucus coats the surfaces in your lungs. These surfaces assist shift air in and out of your bloodstream.

According to the American Lung Affiliation, if you have a lung condition that will make it more durable to breathe, it can be that a great deal a lot more complicated for your lungs to face up to the anxiety of COVID-19. Examples of these types of disorders involve:

Mental wellbeing conditions

Psychological health and fitness circumstances like despair and schizophrenia may perhaps perform a purpose in acquiring much more extreme COVID-19. While these ailments themselves do not genuinely pose a larger infection possibility, men and women with mental wellbeing circumstances typically have other physical wellbeing ailments that can raise their risk of severe infection.

People with psychological health and fitness circumstances are frequently most likely to experience gaps in finding or receiving satisfactory professional medical treatment. They also may perhaps have difficulty completing their required everyday overall health routines.

Neurological disorders

Neurological circumstances usually impair a person’s potential to treatment for themselves. This can direct to a bigger chance of infection. Dwelling in team properties or expert care configurations also puts folks with neurological issues at a increased danger.

Illustrations of these disorders that might maximize danger include things like:

Being overweight or over weight

Becoming obese or having being overweight can improve your hazard of building extreme COVID-19, as does a deficiency of actual physical exercise. In accordance to the CDC, your possibility of critical illness from COVID-19 will increase with your entire body mass index (BMI).


Persons who have obtained organ or tissue transplants are at a especially high chance of contracting all varieties of infections, which includes the virus that results in COVID-19, and getting seriously unwell.

Soon after a transplant, you’ll need to have to acquire prescription drugs for the relaxation of your everyday living. These medications reduce your human body from rejecting the transplanted tissue. They suppress your immune technique to create a welcoming environment for the transplanted tissue, but they can also make it quick for bacterial infections to just take maintain.

Life style aspects

A variety of life-style things have been joined to a lot more critical COVID-19. These behaviors may guide to health and fitness conditions that are identified danger aspects. Some functions connected with the greatest chance of severe COVID-19 are: