From vinegar shots to juicing: The health hacks damaging your teeth

Woman putting charcoal toothpaste onto a brush.

Charcoal toothpaste could be way too abrasive for your mouth (Image: Getty)

Following two decades of a pandemic, it’s no surprise that we’re all obsessed with staying properly.

And as the winter attracts in, and colds and flu abound, we’re all searching for strategies and tips that retain bugs at bay.

But when specific hacks guarantee to strengthen your immune process, one particular portion of our entire body is often overlooked: our tooth. kingdom spoke to dentist Payal Bhalla about the effects selected overall health fads have on our pearly whites – and what we can do about it.

Apple cider vinegar

Payal, medical director of Quest Dental, mentioned: ‘Apple cider vinegar photographs have develop into hugely common in modern a long time, with stars and influencers alike swearing by them for having detoxing qualities and aiding excess weight-loss.

‘However, although apple cider vinegar may possibly supply some advantages to your overall health, it can be fairly detrimental for your tooth, specifically if you are ingesting day by day.

‘Vinegar is really acidic and can erode the enamel on your teeth incredibly immediately, this then exposes the yellow dentin layer beneath – not only is this particularly harming for your tooth as our enamel is very important for a healthful tooth, but this will also make them look yellow.’

Oil Pulling

Oil puling is the ancient ayurvedic apply of swishing coconut or olive oil around your mouth FOR WHAT Rationale?

‘Whilst some specialists have mentioned many health added benefits to oil pulling there is no demonstrated evidence that this exercise is fantastic for your enamel,’ explained Payal.

‘In fact some industry experts argue that it could worsen some disorders this sort of as gum disorder or cavities.’

Lemon h2o

Payal said: ‘Whilst drinking lemon drinking water each individual early morning retains quite a few detoxifying homes for your digestive procedure, this day-to-day apply could have a knock on result for your enamel.

‘Drinking lemon drinking water on a regular basis may well trigger enamel erosion or tooth decay owing to the superior articles of acid in the citrus fruit.

‘Not only this, ingesting as well substantially may possibly also lead to heartburn, nausea, head aches and other gastroesophageal reflux indications.’


As extensive as it is section of a nutritious, well balanced diet, consuming specific fruit juices can be fantastic for you – but what about your teeth?

Payal said: ‘Drinking juices can assist to maintain a healthful operating physique, but when you drink significant amounts of juice about a long interval of time this could have a big influence on your teeth and bring about lengthy expression destruction.

‘The large information of sugar that comes from these juices immediately after ingesting them each day can put on away tooth enamel and market cavities.

‘The micro organism that sits on the teeth right after drinking juice could also irritate the gums and could inevitably guide to gum illness.’

Non dairy milk

Though dairy milk is often villainised there can be some draw backs to plant primarily based when it comes to your tooth.

‘Many people today have made the swap from dairy milk to substitute milks these kinds of as oat, soy and almond milk, and when there are positive aspects to switching, particularly for these who are lactose intolerant or want to keep away from dairy for ethical motives, there are also some harming effects which arrive with these milks,’ stated Payal.

‘Those who drink dairy cost-free milk may working experience a deficiency in calcium and other mouth pleasant vitamins, and a lack of calcium might place you at threat of establishing tooth decay and gum condition.

‘Furthermore, it has been observed that certain non dairy milks such as soy milk can lead to mouth microbes to create six instances additional acid than dairy milk, this is worrying as far more acid indicates a bigger chance of enamel erosion as well as additional prospects of going through decay and cavities.’

Charcoal toothpaste

‘Charcoal toothpaste has been created preferred from the likes of social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, however dentists are however sceptical and do not suggest replacing your normal fluoride toothpaste with this,’ said Payal.

‘More research is necessary on the long-time period outcomes of this sort of toothpaste, but one particular factor that has been pointed out is that this is a extremely abrasive material, and although it does aid to take out floor stains, it is so severe, so may possibly also slowly but surely tear absent at the enamel on your teeth.’

How to guard your enamel even though having portion in these well being trends:

Payal mentioned: ‘You don’t have to wholly abandon these wellness trends if you experience they are valuable for you in other approaches but building sure you glance immediately after your enamel is key.

‘When consuming juices, try to use a straw as a lot as possible, as this will permit the liquid to bypass your tooth and mouth, which must enable to protect against any problems.

‘Lemon drinking water can also be drunk by way of a straw. Try out to also take care of your lemon to h2o ratio, and increase a lot less lemon to your drinking water so that it is less acidic – but you are still obtaining the rewards.

‘You must also make certain that you are preserving your regular oral well being plan so that you can help counteract any harmful effects from these trends.

‘Brushing twice a working day applying a dentist advised electric powered toothbrush, making certain you are using fluoride toothpaste, flossing two times a day and making use of mouthwash is also advised.

‘If you want to nevertheless use your charcoal toothpaste, I would endorse only applying it after or 2 times a week together with your fluoride toothpaste, this way you will nevertheless see the gains of employing this whilst also preserving your tooth from its abrasive houses.

‘I would always suggest talking to your dentist if you are anxious about your dental well being so you can be encouraged on what is very best.

‘You should be going to your dentist and hygienist for common check out ups and cleans to be certain your enamel remain wholesome.’

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