LDWF Enforcement Division Welcomes 17 New Agents at Graduation


From remaining to suitable (front row) Col. Chad Hebert, Capt. Lance Devillier, Agent Victoria Onebane, Agent Chelsea Moudry, Agent Heather Fitzgerald, Agent Troy Autin, LDWF Secretary Jack Montoucet, Agent Stephen LaCombe, Agent Clinton Willis, Agent Austin Anderson, Agent Jamyson Loomis, Lt. Justin Lowry, and Lt. Col. Rachel Zechenelly.

(back again row) Lt. Col. Travis Huval, Agent Mason Castello, Agent Dustin Barton, Agent Micheal Thacker, Agent Cody Salpietra, Agent Jebadiah Kraft, Agent Breylan Kemp, Agent Tracen Francis, Agent Christopher Pippin, Agent Jude Duhon, and Main Clay Marques.



The Louisiana Division of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Law Enforcement Academy these days, June 29, graduated its 34th class of cadets into the ranks of LDWF Enforcement Division brokers at a ceremony in Baton Rouge.

Soon after six months of education at the academy, 17 freshly commissioned brokers are prepared to begin enforcing looking, fishing and boating laws that govern the use of the state’s normal methods.

LDWF Secretary Jack Montoucet was the keynote speaker at the graduation and instructed the cadets, “we honor you – our cadets — for the reason that you have done your coaching that could have only been accomplished as a result of dedication, and a want to be the ideal that you can be – both of those individually and as a team.”

Col. Chad Hebert, head of the LDWF Enforcement Division, presented certificates and recited the Oath of Office building the cadet’s transition to commissioned brokers formal.  “Graduating a cadet course is always a proud day for each the cadets and their liked ones, but also for me as the Colonel and for our coaching workers,” reported Col. Hebert.  “These 17 cadets proved to us that they are ready to start out their enforcement division careers as brokers following generating it as a result of our 6 month academy.”

The 17 new agents are:

Austin Anderson, of Raceland, assigned to Lafourche Parish
Troy Autin, of Houma, assigned to Lafourche Parish
Dustin Barton, of Winnfiled, assigned to Winn Parish
Mason Castello, of Baton Rouge, assigned to Orleans Parish
Jude Duhon, of Rayne, assigned to Iberia Parish
Heather Fitzgerald, of Ponchatoula, assigned to Jefferson Parish
Tracen Francis, of Minden, assigned to Natchitoches Parish
Breylan Kemp, of Minden, assigned to Desoto Parish
Jebadiah Kraft, of Ponchatoula, assigned to Terrebonne Parish
Stephen LaCombe, of Baton Rouge, assigned to Morehouse Parish
Jamyson Loomis, of Vidalia, assigned to Concordia Parish
Chelsea Moudry, of Brenham, Texas, assigned to Calcasieu Parish
Victoria Onebane, of Rayne, assigned to Iberia Parish
Christopher Pippin, of Lake Providence, assigned to East Carroll Parish
Cody Salpietra, of Zachary, assigned to Terrebonne Parish
Micheal Thacker, of Hineston, assigned to Sabine Parish
Clinton Willis, of Longville, assigned to Beauregard Parish

All through the graduation ceremony, Fitzgerald was awarded the physical fitness award for scoring the maximum on the actual physical physical fitness evaluation examination.  Duhon received the firearms award for the most effective marksman in the course.  Kraft acquired the educational award for owning the greatest grades.  Kraft also received the overall award, which is a cumulative rating from the firearms, academic and physical training classes.

At the academy, cadets teach to enforce the state’s recreational boating guidelines, the condition and federal wildlife and fisheries rules and general legislation enforcement work on the state’s many wildlife administration locations.  The academy also addresses general legislation enforcement instruction equivalent to that of other point out legislation enforcement officers.

The graduating brokers fill vacancies in LDWF’s Enforcement Division and will be assigned to a area-education officer for their very first six months of duty.  Now part of the agency’s commissioned officer staff members, the brokers will be a part of the ranks of these patrolling land and h2o to principally detect match, fish and boating regulation violations.  These responsibilities have to have vacation into Louisiana’s forests, swamps, fields, streams, bayous, lakes, marshlands, the Gulf of Mexico and on the state roadway process.