Lion Country Safari to use fitness trackers on crash of rhinoceroses

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. — Starting Tuesday, Lion Nation is likely to be part of a countrywide rhino analysis job named the AIRS (American Institute of Rhino Science) application.

“The reason of this research plan is to make suggestions to how we can handle Rhino treatment for the very long-expression survival of the species and the self-sustaining copy of the species,” explained spokesperson Haley McCann

In the near foreseeable future, some of the rhinos will have on fitness trackers.

Waking up with the rhinos of Lion Nation Safari

“They will be carrying conditioning trackers or exercise trackers to determine how energetic they are, how they make use of their house, and how that contributes to their in general wellness,” said McCann.

The rhinos will monitor no matter whether or not “they are having their actions in” and “closing their rings.”

“The physical fitness tracker strap is basically crack away. So if it does get caught up on just about anything, it will split proper off. And we are going to also be likely by a desensitization stage where we get the rhinos use of experience that strap on their ankle and will not likely really allow them out into the [safari] until finally they are cozy wearing it,” McCann reported.

“We will see how a lot of their times put in actively transferring about and grazing, how considerably they go, how a lot room they make the most of to wander about and their working day-to-working day and use that style of information to see how it contributes to the general health and how it contributes to their body issue. their size, their bodyweight, and how that plays into the copy,” McCann mentioned.

Lion Region Safari has 15 southern white rhinos. The youngest, Josh, is less than a single-12 months-outdated and the oldest is Buck (he is off on an island on his very own so the females do not beat him up).

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Lion Nation Safari Exciting Details

  • AIRS application aims to deal with issues going through rhino administration to assure healthy populations below human care that can act as a protection web from extinction. 
  • The application is multi-disciplinary to deal with key study pillars, together with physical health and replica. 
  • To identify which actions of health and fitness are most closely connected to actual physical health, exercise trackers and coronary heart price recordings will be as opposed to actual physical assessments and blood assessments. Purpose is also to recognize which elements may perhaps lead to decreased bodily health and fitness and reproductive accomplishment for the prolonged-expression survival of the species.  
  • Lion State Safari is starting up with copy monitoring investigate tomorrow, July 12, applying blood and fecal exams.  
  • Lion Country Safari will also participate in bodily assessments, temperament, husbandry, and health and fitness surveys, and so on.  
  • There are five species of rhino, white and black which are endemic to Africa, and three species native to Asia (Javan, Sumatran and Indian rhinos).  
  • Lion Nation Safari has had 38 rhinos born at the park due to the fact the late 1970’s.  
  • Southern white rhinos are the most plentiful species of rhino but all are threatened and in decline thanks to poaching.