New guidelines aimed at curbing childhood obesity | Health

Michelle Olsen, a Manchester clinical dietitian, was alarmed by what she was reading on social media.

It appeared that the respected American Academy of Pediatrics was recommending bariatric surgery for adolescents 13 and older with obesity. For even younger kids, AAP was suggesting weight-loss medication.

Cutting sugar, screen time

Making most of less

Education on Aisle 3

Hannaford dietitian

Elliot Hospital dietitian Marilyn Mills gathers with youngsters in the produce section after passing out healthy snacks at the Hannaford on Hanover Street in Manchester.

Hannaford dietitian

Dietitian Marilyn Mills, left, interacts with Keeva Army, 4, and her brother, Cyrus Army, 2, who were shopping with their grandmother, Cindy Army of Kingston, at the Hannaford supermarket on Hanover Street in Manchester.

Constructive approaches