Products That Helped With My Long COVID Symptoms

In December of 2021, I came down with a severe “mystery” illness. I tested negative for COVID but still wound up in the hospital after running a 105-degree fever for 18 days straight. After running every other possible test you could think of, the doctor in the ER concluded that I most likely had the virus, but was simply testing negative, which a 2022 Rutgers University study confirmed was a thing at the time. 

My bout with “non-COVID COVID” as my family soon dubbed it, left me a shell of the person I was before. It felt like my brain was wrapped in fuzzy wool and just taking a shower completely depleted my energy for the entire day. Months later, when I felt like I was finally starting to recover, I got sick again with mysterious symptoms that included debilitating headaches, numbness in my limbs, pain and roaring in my ears when I changed positions or stood up, vision changes, muscle twitching, and crippling anxiety. After a lot of testing, a neurologist chalked up my illness to long COVID and I’ve been on a long road of recovery since then. 

It took many resources to feel like myself again, and in addition to the professionals, these were the products that actually helped me feel proactive in my recovery from long COVID. 

Weighted Blanket


Insomnia was by far one of my biggest struggles during this time. I didn’t sleep for months and that made everything so much worse. At one point, I couldn’t tell anymore if my symptoms were because of sleep deprivation or if I couldn’t sleep because of my symptoms—it became a vicious cycle that I was desperate to break. 

I finally turned to different weighted blankets and after three rounds, I found that a heavier weight and a color other than “mental health gray” worked best for me. The weighted blanket helped calm my muscle twitching at night and provided a literal security blanket to help calm my mind as well. It comes in four different colors, including a peaceful pink that I chose, and there’s a 20 percent off onsite coupon right now.

To buy: Alomidds Weighted Blanket, $32 with onsite coupon;  

Fastening Neck Pillow


I spent a lot of time in my reclining chair and craning my neck over my computer was not super healthy. Due to the pain and symptoms I experienced with moving my head, I wanted to support my neck and head in an upright position as well, so I picked up this neck pillow. I liked that it attaches in the front so it didn’t slip off and I could position it exactly where I wanted. 

To buy: Microfiber Neck Pillow, $13;

Stanley Quencher


Yes, I bought a Stanley, and yes, I love it. A big part of my recovery was making sure I stayed hydrated, so I broke down and bought one and it’s truly a game-changer. I love that it has a huge 40-ounce capacity so I don’t have to keep refilling it constantly, a sturdy handle, and fits in a cupholder with ease. Pro tip: buying directly from Stanley’s website can help you get more color and price options.

To buy: Stanley 40-Ounce Quencher, $45; 

Wrist Brace


I struggled with a lot of numbness and tingling in my arms during my recovery, so a physical therapist recommended I try using a wrist brace while I worked and slept. I had gotten in a horrible habit of hunching over my laptop and never using a mouse during the pandemic, so we worked to correct my computer habits and used the wrist braces to support my wrists. 

To buy: Mueller Sports Medicine Green Fitted Wrist Brace, $12 (was $14); 

Shoulder Massager


All the stress, sitting and working in my chair, and insomnia led to incredibly sore and aching muscles in my upper back and shoulders, which exacerbated a lot of the symptoms I was having, like muscle twitching, numbness, and pain. So I bought this massager and used it almost every single night during my recovery to help me relax before bed. Worked like a charm. It’s also massively discounted right now.

To buy: Mirakel Shoulder, Neck, and Back Massager, $37 (was $60); 

Shoulder Relief Pillow


One of my long COVID symptoms was difficulty with my arms and legs going numb and falling asleep, so at night, I tried to take the pressure off of my shoulder while I slept to see if that would help alleviate the numbness and tingling in my arms. I’m a side sleeper, so I experimented with a ton of different pillows specifically for side sleepers and I found that this one, while not the comfiest option, was the most effective for taking pressure off of my arm and stopping it from falling asleep. 

To buy: Perfect Life Arched Pillow, $28; 

Healing Bracelet


I bought a healing bracelet in my personal faith tradition and I clung to it in situations when I was wracked with fear and anxiety. At the height of my symptoms, I was terrified to leave my house, but I still had kids with sporting events, family parties, and life to show up for. It might sound silly, but when my anxiety would skyrocket, I found having these tactile beads that I could touch helped ground me and get me through my breathing exercises. It never failed to help me and just having it on my wrist helped me feel stronger. 

To buy: Healing Trust Lava Rock Bracelet, $20; 

Healing Journal


According to a 2018 study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research in Mental Health, journaling can be helpful for anyone facing a medical event and especially for those with heightened anxiety—both of which I had. I bought a journal specifically for my long COVID journey and tried to make a habit of journaling every night. I detailed my symptoms, affirmations for the night and days ahead, and sometimes, just free-wrote whatever I needed to get off my chest. It helped me immensely and now, I am filled with gratitude when I look back at the journal and see how far I have come.  

To buy: Just for Today Journal, $11;