To Your Health: ODA celebrates National Children’s Dental Month | News

National Children’s Dental Month is celebrated each February, encouraged by the American Dental Association, to promote the benefits of good oral health to children.

Dental Hygiene Routine

Parents and other caregivers can help children avoid oral diseases by establishing a dental hygiene routine when they’re young, which will continue to serve them throughout their entire life, according to the ODA.

The Chronicle has reached out to the Oregon Dental Association’s (ODA) Executive Director Dr. Barry Taylor and Dr. Cyrus Javadi, a dentist at SandCreek Dental in Tillamook and a State Representative, for insight into the effort to raise awareness about children’s dental health.

The Chronicle: The Oregon Dental Association wants to raise awareness about children’s access to dental care. Why is that important now?

Tooth Taxi

The Tooth Taxi is part of the Oregon Dental Association’s effort to provide free children’s dental care and education about the importance of proper dental health.