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Collagen is a type of structural protein found in animals and is made up of amino acids like proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. It can be found in the animal body’s skin, bones, tendons, connective tissues, and cartilage.

Collagen helps the tissues with structural support and also helps carry out different functions like cellular communication, immune response, tissue repair, etc. It is known that as the human body ages, collagen production reduces. This less collagen production leads to poor skin health, bone health, and hair health.

Therefore, to maintain collagen production in the body and to overcome the collagen synthesis issue, certain food items like fish skin, chicken skin, etc., can be eaten, or dietary supplements can be taken. Presently, the best option for the majority of the population is collagen supplementation in different forms like collagen powders, capsules, or liquids.

But due to the increasing demand for collagen supplements in the market, several brands have introduced their own collagen supplement. This makes choosing the best collagen supplement difficult for the consumer. Hence, in this article, we will be talking about the best collagen supplements available on the market by different brands that help you maintain healthy skin and healthy hair effectively.

This article contains information about 10 collagen supplements by different manufacturers and brands. Keep on reading to learn about them in detail. But, before beginning the discussion on the best collagen supplements, let us have a look at the factors which are considered while choosing the best collagen powders or products below.

Ranking Factors – How We Ranked The Best Collagen Supplements?

Ranking the best collagen supplements is done based on a number of factors that affect the collagen supplement, its health value, and its market value. Below we discuss the factors based on which the best collagen powders and supplements are found on the market.

Affordability – What Is The Price Of The Collagen Supplement?

This factor plays a very important role as while purchasing the best collagen supplement, the consumers seek the product that provides health benefits at an affordable rate. So, if there is a collagen supplement that offers the same health benefits at a cheaper rate, then they would tend to buy that supplement and not the other collagen supplements that offer similar health benefits at a much more price.

But, while curating this list of the best collagen supplements, we do not give utmost priority to the pricing of the product but rather to the content and formulation of the product.

Customer Reviews – What Do The Customers Think About The Collagen Supplement?

Customer reviews and testimonials are among the topmost factors in deciding the quality and reality of collagen supplements and the claims by their makers.

The reviews and testimonials by the consumers state the possible merits and demerits of the collagen supplement in the most transparent way. These customer reviews help us in identifying collagen supplements by brands that are truthful and actually help improve skin elasticity and support the healthy skin of consumers.

Dosage – Is The Dosage Guideline Of The Collagen Supplement Safe And Beneficial For Consumption?

We all know that the dosage quantity of any supplement plays a very important role in its effectiveness. That is why it is suggested to take a healthy dose of any supplement, as an increased or unhealthy dosage might cause serious and maybe even fatal conditions, while a reduced dosage might not help your body the way its formulation had intended to.

It is therefore suggested to stop taking collagen supplements as per your own wish and start taking them as suggested. We choose those collagen supplements whose dosage has been recommended by health specialists and professionals. The dosage recommended by health professionals is always at par with the one recommended by just the manufacturers of the product.

Money-Back Guarantee – Is There Any Refund Policy On The Collagen Supplements Provided To The Customers?

Money-back guarantee is a factor that is an absolute attraction to consumers. If a brand offers a money-back deal, then it makes the consumers feel that it is risk-free to purchase the product, and they can try it out for themselves. They feel free that if the collagen supplement is not right for them, they could return it and get their complete money back.

The brands which offer a 100{fc1509ea675b3874d16a3203a98b9a1bd8da61315181db431b4a7ea1394b614e} money-back guarantee are also considered by us to be bold and more assertive about the fact that their collagen supplements are going to work for the best of the customers.

Side Effects – Are The Collagen Supplements Safe And Side-Effect Free?

While ranking the brands and their collagen supplements, we not only look at the benefits provided by it but also focus on the side effects or allergic reactions they could cause to your health. It is very important for us to know the side effects and cautions of collagen supplements explicitly before including them in this list.

Transparency and Advertised Benefits – Is The Collagen Supplement Brand Honest In Its Approach?

It is crucial for us to analyze that the advertisement of the collagen powders by the brands is not only flashy, but rather it shows the reality of the brand to the consumers. Choosing a collagen powder with honest and transparent marketing is a really important factor so that the consumers do not feel cheated or scammed after purchasing the product and experiencing the results firsthand.

Now, let us have an overview of the best collagen peptides we are going to talk about in this article from the table given below.

BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein Powder It is a naturally honest and gluten-free multi-collagen with proteins that help regain skin moisture, relieve joint pain, etc.
Dr. Kellyann Collagen Protein This Protein powder by Dr. Kellyann contains 10 grams of collagen per serving and helps you stay healthy with the help of its non-GMO and gluten-free formulation.
Essential Elements Collagen Peptides It is one of the best grass-fed collagen peptides supplements that contains type I and III hydrolyzed bovine collagen, which helps support powerful joints, hair, and nail, as well as it helps promote skin health.
IdealFit IdealLean Collagen Protein This Protein powder by IdealFit IdealLean has been designed specifically for women with the help of grass-fed, pasture-raised cows containing hydrolyzed collagen peptides.
Bubs Naturals Collagen Protein Powder It is one of the best sports research collagen peptides powder on this list that is grass-fed and pasture-raised to help you provide youthful skin by enhancing skin firmness.
Live Conscious Collagen Peptides It is a hydrolyzed type I and III collagen protein supplement that helps support skin health and reduce joint pain. It has been through third-party testing as well.
Primal Harvest Primal Collagen The collagen peptides by Primal Harvest are in powder form containing type I and III hydrolyzed collagen. It is made up of grass-fed, pasture-raised beef.
MTN OPS Collagen Peptides It is one of the best collagen peptides powder designed by Eva Shockey that contains 20 grams of total collagen protein and 18 grams of collagen per serving.
Orgain Collagen Peptides It is one of the topmost gluten-free grass-fed and pasture-raised collagen protein powders that provide hair, joint, and nail support along with glowing skin.
Vital Proteins Collagen The Vital Proteins Collagen peptides powder works to support skin health during skin aging by improving skin elasticity with the help of ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

The collagen peptides that boost collagen synthesis in your body and help support healthy skin, nails, bones, joints, etc., are discussed below with all the necessary details.

BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein Powder

Ingredients Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen Peptides, Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides, Eggshell Membrane, and others
Each serving 10 grams per serving
Servings Per Container 20
Price $34 (official website)

The Ageless Multi-Collagen by America’s premium online nutrition brand BioTrust is a collagen supplement that comes in powder form. This hydrolyzed collagen powder contains all 5 key collagen types from four different sources of food – type I and III collagen from grass-fed pasture-raised cows and fish, type II from chicken, and type V and X from a unique and patented eggshell membrane.

This is an unflavored collagen powder, unlike many collagen supplements with bone broth containing 10 grams of Bioactive protein per serving. This protein powder can be easily mixed and consumed in either hot or cold liquids with no lumps whatsoever.

The consumption of this powder helps support skin health, maintain glowing skin, improve skin elasticity, provide skin hydration, support healthy hair, etc.

A user of this powder writes – “I have been very surprised by the results. My knees feel great. It’s amazing! Also, it has no taste, so I can mix it with anything. I will definitely continue to use this product.”

Dr. Kellyann Collagen Protein

Ingredients Collagen Peptides, Sodium, Milk, and others.
Each serving 10 grams
Servings Per Container 60
Price $59 (official website)

This supplement comes in the form of a flavorless peptide powder containing 9-gram protein and 10-gram collagen per serving.

It is made up of a keto-friendly, hormone-free, non-GMO, antibiotic-free, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, and paleo-friendly complete collagen formula that helps support your gut, bone, and ligament health and provides radiant skin, strong nails, and healthy hair.

This supplement has been approved by AIP and this powder can be added to any food or beverage of your choice.

A female user writes – “The collagen is fantastic it has improved my mom’s health and helped her hair to get longer and stronger. She was losing a lot of her hair. It’s all comeback.”

Essential Elements Collagen Peptides

Ingredients Bovine Type I Collagen, Alanine, Arginine, and others.
Each serving NA
Servings Per Container 41
Price $29.99 (official website)

The Essential Elements Collagen Peptides is a pasture-raised and grass-fed collagen supplement containing type I and III Grade A bovine collagen peptides. It is a hormone-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, peanut-free, soy-free, and shellfish-free supplement that contains essential amino acids and collagen to support powerful skin, hair, nails, and joints.

Upon purchasing this supplement from its official website, you will be provided with a 365-day 100{fc1509ea675b3874d16a3203a98b9a1bd8da61315181db431b4a7ea1394b614e} money-back guarantee.

A user review says – “LOVE the silky smooth texture that mixes with any beverage. Best of all, I am noticing shiny, softer skin.”

IdealFit IdealLean Collagen Protein

Ingredients Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, and others
Each serving 20 grams
Servings Per Container 20
Price $23.99 (official website)

This collagen supplement by IdealFit IdealLean has been designed specifically for women to boost their intake of collagen per serving. Most collagen supplements containing bone broth are available on the market for both men and women, but this one has been made for women only.

It is made from grass-fed pasture-raised bovine collagen to help improve the health of the hair, skin, nail, joints, tendons, and ligaments of women effectively. It contains 18 grams of protein, fat, sugar, and carbohydrates, and 80 calories, thus helping maintain the lean and fit body of women.

A verified female user says – “I love this collagen in my morning coffee. I have seen a significant difference in my hair length and eyelashes! The taste is amazing!”

Bubs Naturals Collagen Protein Powder

Product Overview
Ingredients Collagen Peptides, Lysine, Tyrosine, and others
Each serving 20 grams per serving
Servings Per Container 28
Price $43 (official website)

The Bubs Naturals Collagen powder is one of the best and top-rated collagen supplements available on the market as it has been NSF Certified for Sport. This means that it can be consumed by athletes without the fear of health deterioration.

This powder contains grass-fed bovine collagen, eggshell membrane protein, and wild-caught fish. The consumption of this powder helps improve skin elasticity and overall nail and joint health of individuals, especially athletes.

Live Conscious Collagen Peptides

Ingredients Types I & III Bovine Collagen, Cystine, Glycine, and others
Each serving 11 grams per serving
Servings Per Container 41
Price $34.99 (official website)

The Live Conscious Collagen Peptides is a collagen supplement that contains 11 grams of collagen per serving. It is one of the best grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine collagen peptides that provide support to your hair, skin, nail, and joints.

It comes in powder form containing 19 naturally-occurring essential amino acids proline, hydroxyproline, etc. It is a gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, hormone-free, preservatives-free, and keto-friendly collagen supplement that has also been through third-party testing.

This hydrolyzed collagen powder is unflavored and dissolves easily in either hot or cold liquids. The key ingredient in this supplement is hydrolyzed type I and III collagen.

A user testimonial reads – “I have been using Live Conscious Collagen Peptides for about 6 months and notice a remarkable difference in my skin and nails.”

Primal Harvest Primal Collagen

Ingredients Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hydrolyzed Elastin, and others.
Each serving 10 grams
Servings Per Container 30
Price Low as $29.95 (official website)

Primal Harvest Primal Collagen is one of the best collagen supplements available on the market due to its natural formulation. It is a non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and ocean-friendly dietary supplement in the form of collagen capsules.

This collagen powder has been made using type I and III hydrolyzed collagen per serving to support healthy nails and hair, boost gut health, improve liver health, relieve joint pain, and promote skin health.

Consume one scoop of Primal Harvest Primal Collagen daily to stay healthy and feel confident.

MTN OPS Collagen Peptides

Ingredients Collagen Peptides, Calcium, Iron, and others
Each serving 20 grams
Servings Per Container 30
Price $49.95 (official website)

This collagen supplement has been designed by Eva Shockey containing 20-gram total protein and 18-gram collagen per serving to support healthy glowing skin, healthy nail and hair growth, and strong joints and ligaments.

You have to mix one scoop of this gluten-free powder with any beverage or smoothie of your choice and drink it once daily.

A customer writes – “Me and my wife love it. Mixes in without morning coffee. Helps us keep our protein micros up.”

Orgain Collagen Peptides

Ingredients Collagen Peptides, Alanine, Arginine, and others
Each serving 10 grams per serving
Servings Per Container 45
Price $29.99 (official website)

This supplement uses a formulation of grass-fed pasture-raised bovine collagen to provide hair, nail, joint, and skin support to men and women. It is a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, soy-free, and paleo-friendly supplement.

The keto-friendly version of this supplement contains 10-gram bovine collagen per serving and 5-gram MCT oil powder. You can get this supplement in two varieties – unflavored and chocolate which can be mixed into your daily diet very easily.

The consumption of this supplement regularly helps support healthy bones and joints, strong hair and nails, and radiantly youthful skin.

A user mentions – “This is the best collagen I have found. I love that it is completely flavorless, so I can add it to anything, making it much easier to take daily. My hair and nails are healthier, and my joints no longer ache every day.”

Vital Proteins Collagen

Ingredients Bovine hide collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), and vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
Each serving 20 grams of collagen per serving
Servings Per Container 14
Price $27 (official website)

The Vital Protein Collagen supplement contains 20-gram protein and 10-gram collagen per serving.

The Vital Proteins comes in the form of a powder in vanilla and coconut water flavor, thus making it tasty to drink after mixing in either hot or cold liquids. The Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides powder can be added to your food, like desserts or beverages.

The formulation of the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides contains essential amino acids, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid that promote collagen production, support skin hydration, enhance skin elasticity, etc.

A customer review says – “I’ve been using the Vitals collagen-peptides product in my coffee for over a year, and it doesn’t change the taste. I’m 66 and was blown away by the glow and diminishing pores I noticed. I highly recommend this product.”

Scientifically-Backed Benefits Of Collagen Supplementation and Supplements

Here are some of the most common as well as scientifically-backed benefits of collagen supplements that make purchasing the actually effective supplements worth it:

Pumps Up Skin Health

Collagen is an essential component of human tissue. It provides structure, strength, and flexibility to our bodies. Collagen also helps keep our skin looking young and healthy by providing support for its outermost layer, called the dermis. The dermis contains blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and oil glands.

Collagen supplementation can help with several skin conditions, including wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, sun damage, dry skin, and other issues. There are two types of collagen: Type 1 and Type 2. Both types are found in the body, but only type 1 is produced naturally by the body. This type of collagen is found in connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons, bones, cartilage, and skin.

Promotes Joint Health and Alleviates Joint Pain

There are three main joints in the body: the hip joint, the knee joint, and the shoulder joint. Each of these joints has a capsule around them that holds synovial fluid. Synovial fluid lubricates the joint and keeps it moving smoothly. When you have arthritis, the synovial fluid becomes thick and sticky. As a result, the joints become stiff and painful.

Collagen supplements may help reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. They may also help prevent further damage to the joints.

A study published in the Journal of Rheumatology showed that people who took collagen supplements had less stiffness and pain than those taking placebo pills.

Gives Hair Growth A Boost

Hair loss is common among older adults. In fact, about half of all men over age 50 and one-third of women over 60 experience thinning hair. This condition is known as male pattern baldness (MPB) or female pattern baldness (FPB).

Both MPB and FPB are caused by hormonal changes that occur during aging. Hormones play a role in regulating hair growth. If there is not enough hormone activity, hair follicles stop producing new cells, and the hair stops growing.

Collagen supplements can help stimulate hair growth. A study published in the journal “Clinical and Experimental Dermatology” showed that people who took a combination of vitamins B6, C, E, zinc, and copper experienced increased hair growth compared to those who did not take the supplement.

Promotes Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease kills nearly 610,000 Americans each year.

In addition to helping us live longer, eating a high-collagen diet may help lower our risk of cardiovascular diseases. One study published in the journal Circulation Research suggests that consuming collagen peptides may help reduce plaque buildup in arteries.

The researchers gave 20 overweight participants either a daily dose of collagen peptides or a placebo for eight weeks. At the end of the study, the group that received the collagen peptide supplement had significantly fewer plaques in their carotid artery walls.

The results suggest that collagen peptides could be used to treat atherosclerosis, which is a major cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Can Help Improve Bone Health

Bone health is essential for maintaining good overall health. Bones support your muscles, organs, and internal structures. They provide protection against injury and help keep your spine straight.

As we get older, bones lose calcium and become brittle. This leads to osteoporosis, a condition where bones become weak and break easily. Osteoporosis affects more than 25 million Americans and causes more than 1.5 million fractures every year.

People with osteoporosis have an increased risk of hip fractures, which are often fatal. The National Institute on Aging estimates that more than 200,000 hip fractures will occur this year in the United States.

Collagen supplementation has been shown to improve bone density and strengthen bones. A study published in Clinical Nutrition found that taking a combination of vitamin D3, magnesium, and boron helped prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women.

A study published in the Journal of Women’s Health suggested that taking collagen supplements might help increase bone mineral density in postmenopausal women at risk for osteoporosis.


What Is Type I Collagen?

Type 1 collagen is the most common type of collagen found in our bodies. It is responsible for giving us structure and strength. It also helps keep our skin looking young and healthy.

Collagen is an important part of the human body. The amount of collagen in our bodies varies depending on age, gender, lifestyle, diet, and genetics. For example, men have more than women because they tend to eat more meat.

Type I collagen is made up of three polypeptide chains: alpha1(I), alpha2(I), and alpha3(I). Each chain contains 300 amino acids. When these chains come together, they form a triple helix. This triple helix is what gives collagen its strength and makes it so resilient. We also need to consume enough collagen to maintain good health.

What Is Type II Collagen?

Type 2 collagen is less abundant than type 1. It is mainly found in cartilage and bone. It is very similar to type 1 collagen except that it has fewer amino acids. It works by providing support to other tissues.

Is Too Much Collagen Good?

While there is no known upper limit for how much collagen you should consume, there is a lower limit. If you take in too little, your body may not produce enough collagen. In addition, consuming large amounts of certain types of food can cause digestive problems.

For example, eating too many dairy products can lead to stomach ulcers. Eating too much red meat can increase the risk of developing heart disease.

There are several factors that affect how well your body produces collagen. Genetics plays a big role. Your body needs adequate vitamin D to make collagen. Vitamin C is needed to help break down collagen. And exercise is essential to keeping your body strong and flexible.

What Are Some Ways To Boost Your Level Of Collagen?

In addition to eating foods that increase your collagen levels, you can do things to improve your overall health. For instance, you can eat plenty of leafy greens, which have been shown to reduce inflammation.

You can also try yoga, which helps strengthen your muscles and connective tissue. Yoga can also help you relax and relieve stress.

Finally, you can use supplements to help build your collagen levels. One supplement that is widely used is glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in our bodies. It is present in all cells and plays a key role in maintaining healthy cartilage.

How Do I Know If I Have Low Levels Of Collagen?

If you feel tired or weak, you could be experiencing low levels of collagen. You might notice that your skin looks duller than usual. Or, if you’re over 40 years old, you may notice that your joints ache more often.

You can test your level of collagen by taking a simple saliva sample. Simply spit it into a cup and store it in the refrigerator until you get home. Then, place the saliva in a centrifuge tube and spin it at high speed. The supernatant will contain any excess water. Place this liquid in another container and freeze it overnight. Once frozen, remove the liquid from the freezer and let it thaw completely before testing.

Once the liquid has thawed, add some distilled water to the mixture. Mix thoroughly and then measure the total protein content using a spectrophotometer. A reading below 0.5 mg/ml indicates low levels of collagen.

Can I Eat Foods That Increase My Level Of Collagen?

Yes! There are many foods that can boost your collagen production. These include fish like salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring, trout, and cod; lean beef such as bison, lamb, veal, and venison; eggs; chicken; turkey; nuts and seeds; green vegetables; fruits; beans; soybeans; lentils; whole grains; and legumes.

Some people believe that drinking coffee increases their level of collagen. However, caffeine can actually decrease the amount of collagen in your body.

Final Thoughts

At the end of this article, we can say that these collagen products in the form of powders and capsules can help you maintain the health of your skin, nails, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments effectively with the help of their advanced formulation.

But, it should be understood that none of these dietary supplements available on the market is 100{fc1509ea675b3874d16a3203a98b9a1bd8da61315181db431b4a7ea1394b614e} effective and full-proof in mitigating any health issue as they are meant only to supplement your diet to support your health. So, make sure to consult a health professional before taking collagen peptides to know what’s best for your body.

Also, take other precautions regarding the same in your day-to-day lives.

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