Fourth-generation Dr. Poser begins practicing at Columbus family medical clinic

COLUMBUS — A new ‘Doc’ Poser is hanging up his shingle in Columbus following a family tradition that has been going on for four generations in the city of 5,000 people.

Dr. Michael Poser is the newest Poser to begin practicing in the Poser Clinic, 635 Park Ave. #1, Columbus. The clinic is the oldest family-owned practice in Wisconsin and was founded by Dr. E.M. Poser.

“My great-grandfather, Doc Poser, started the clinic in 1895,” Poser said.

Doc Poser started as a pharmacist but he felt a greater draw to practicing medicine, Poser said. He attended Rush University in Chicago, which eventually led him to opening his practice in Columbus.

“Doc had three sons who all became doctors with two working out of the clinic,” Poser said. “Chub (Dr. Rolf Poser, a cardiologist) and Bob (Dr. John Poser, a general surgeon).”

The third son, Eduard or “Pody,”practiced both in Columbus and Chicago, Poser said.

The brothers joined the clinic in the 1940s. In the 1980s, a third generation of Posers began in the clinic. Poser joins his uncle Rolf and his father Sam at the clinic.

Poser grew up in Columbus and graduated from Columbus High School, where he participated in sports and other activities. However, he also had some unique opportunities to go on rounds with his father Dr. Sam Poser when his father was visiting patients at care centers and hospitals.

“Becoming a doctor was always something that I have thought about,” Poser said. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Poser completed his undergraduate work at UW-La Crosse and went to medical school at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

“I came back here a few months ago after I finished residency training,” said Poser, who specializes in internal medicine. He said he knows there are great opportunities for doctors who practice internal medicine, but he also knew his calling was to serve Columbus.

“I have so much respect for the generations of physicians who have taken care of this community,” he said.

The way the Poser clinic practices is also unique. The doctors follow their patients from the clinic to the hospital. The clinic itself has some unique pieces from the past in it, but Poser said the friendly and helpful staff is the real treasure of the practice.

“In this building, we prioritize patients over anything else,” Poser said. “Sam and Rolf are two of the most dedicated physicians that I have ever ran into. I am hoping to make the community proud and my bosses proud and do a good job.”

Poser said he feels the medical training he received helped him to gain a holistic approach that he feels will be a good foundation for primary care. His specialty in internal medicine allows him to focus on diseases that affect adults.

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