Dr. Carrie Jose talks about if a cortisone shot will help nagging shoulder pain

Carrie Jose

Nagging pain in your shoulder can be very frustrating. But when it begins to interfere with factors you appreciate to do – you just can’t assist but surprise – is it time to get a cortisone shot?  

When you’ve bought boring, nagging shoulder soreness that just will not go away, cortisone shots all of a sudden seem to be pretty interesting. They are speedy, easy, and seemingly harmless – correct? Not so fast. Just due to the fact cortisone shots are extremely regime and preferred – it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the ideal or suitable point to do. 

Cortisone pictures are usually administered to minimize localized swelling inside a joint or tendon. In shoulders, it is pretty common to use this technique to lessen discomfort from arthritis, bursitis, rotator cuff tendonitis, and even frozen shoulders. When inflammation is verified to be the root source of your shoulder difficulty, and it really is not likely absent with medicine, on its very own, or with bodily therapy – a cortisone shot may well be the appropriate course of action. But what if swelling is not the root source of your problem? What if irritation is in fact a secondary symptom? This is exactly where most of the confusion lies in the clinical community. Though it may not appear to be like a significant offer (soreness is ache, appropriate?) – it is a difficulty if you keep receiving cortisone shots when you don’t actually need them.