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Just about every year, April is selected as “Parkinson’s Illness Awareness Month” where folks occur collectively to raise consciousness about this neurodegenerative mind ailment. This month presents a distinctive possibility for persons to have an understanding of the disease and how it impacts the world’s inhabitants as it is vital to educate on such a rampant affliction, one that impacts an estimated 7 million individuals throughout the place. 

Whilst you may well be conscious of the very well-identified symptoms included, there is unfamiliar details about Parkinson’s that can assist you understand it superior. In an job interview with HT Way of living, Dr Pankaj Agarwal, Senior Marketing consultant – Neurology, Head, Motion Disorders Clinic and In-Cost, Deep Mind Stimulation (DBS) at Mumbai’s Program Worldwide Clinic, shared, “Parkinson’s Disorder is the degeneration of dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra, a tiny but important space found deep inside of your brain, that is the root trigger of PD.”


Dr Pankaj Agarwal uncovered, “In the human body, dopamine is a chemical that carries indicators inside the motor brain circuits and just simply because there just isn’t more than enough dopamine in PD brains, signs or symptoms like shaking, slowness, and stiffness build.”

Dr Sonukumar Puri, MD Health practitioner at Jain Multispeciality Medical center highlighted that Parkinson’s has motor and non motor signs and symptoms. According to him, 4 major motor symptoms of Parkinson’s sickness involve:

  1. Tremor – occurring at relaxation, the typical slow, rhythmic tremor of Parkinson’s condition normally starts off in just one hand, foot, or leg and finally affects both sides of the entire body.

2. Rigidity – tightness or stiffness of the limbs or torso

3. Bradykinesia – slow movement, mask like facies

4. Postural instability – equilibrium problems, tendency to record or drop backward (retropulsion)

He shared, “Observing two or a lot more of these indicators is the major way that physicians diagnose Parkinson’s. The voice could develop into softer. There may be a reduction of the ordinary variation in quantity and emotion in the voice, so that the person may well converse in a monotone. In additional innovative Parkinson’s, speaking may well turn into rapid, stuttering could manifest. A popular, early symptom of Parkinson’s sickness is a reduce in the purely natural swing of one or both arms when strolling. Afterwards, measures may possibly develop into slow and modest and a shuffling gait (festination).”

He detailed the non-motor indicators of Parkinson’s disorder that incorporated:

1. Cognitive Adjustments – Particularly in far more innovative Parkinson’s disorder or in older people today with the illness, troubles with imagining, term obtaining, and judgment are popular.

2. Despair and Stress and anxiety – Despair and stress and anxiety are relatively frequent non-motor signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s. Lessened sensitivity to odours (hyposmia) or a loss of smell (anosmia) is often an early symptom of Parkinson’s. Eyes can encounter diminished motion abilities, , main to a ailment referred to as “dry eye”. They knowledge effortless fatiguability.

3. Gastrointestinal Problems – Constipation takes place commonly mainly because Parkinson’s ailment might slow the automatic motion of the digestive technique and even side effects of medications could also contribute to constipation.

4. Light headedness – This symptom is connected to the body’s incapability to quickly control blood strain, specially when sitting up from a lying posture or standing from a sitting down placement. When intense, light-headedness might result in blackouts or fainting.

5. Temperament Variations – The condition can have an effect on the brain in strategies that result in modest personality changes in excess of time and Parkinson’s medication can, in some cases, result in impulse command problems (ICD). Psychosis is also typical.

6. Sexual Concerns – Reductions in sexual drive, or libido, is a further non-motor symptom of Parkinson’s disorder that is often less than-acknowledged. Rest complications are frequently experienced by people today with Parkinson. Too much sweating is a somewhat widespread indicator of Parkinson’s, especially if the ailment is untreated.

7. Urinary Troubles – Urinary frequency (the need to urinate frequently) and urinary urgency (the sensation that a single have to urinate suitable away, even if the bladder is not whole) are other difficulties. Reduction of fat is a prevalent symptom, specifically in the later phases of the sickness.


In accordance to Dr Gunjan Bharadwaj, Founder/CEO of Innoplexus, “Experiencing Parkinson’s ailment is not confined to dealing with occasional loss of equilibrium and tremors. Nevertheless, living with this ailment does not indicate the end of the environment. The condition and its indicators can be managed with the right health-related intervention.”

He additional, “Thanks to distinctive varieties of treatment and fashionable-day medication, a person with Parkinson’s can cope with the problem and are living a normal, very long lifetime. If you are experiencing or know somebody who is identified with Parkinson’s illness, it is required that you look for support from guidance teams, unfold awareness, and help other folks find out about the problem better.”

Dr Pankaj Agarwal revealed, “If the procedure and drugs are taken consistently, it can give reduction from symptoms, allowing for PD victims to return to a practically regular life. Even in the late last stages, Deep Mind Stimulus (DBS) surgery can give outstanding aid from PD.” He shown the adhering to methods in which PD can be managed:

● Diet program- a nicely-balanced diet plan consisting of fiber and fluids, to reduce constipation.

● Physiotherapy can give aid from muscle stiffness and joint suffering by way of movement and work out.

● Occupational remedy identifies problems in day-to-day chores these kinds of as dressing up or strolling to the close by store, and ideal coaching to manage these superior.

● Speech and swallowing remedy to tackle speech challenges and swallowing challenges and right them.

● Remedies play a critical position– like taking it on time and consistently to reduce all indications, and with common adhere to-up with your doctor.

● Operation (deep brain stimulation) to make improvements to the good quality of life in sufferers with advanced Parkinson’s ailment exactly where drugs are no longer as efficient or make facet consequences.

● Typical observe-up with your medical professional – As PD is progressive, sufferers need common evaluation by a motion condition neurologist, who will wonderful-tune prescription drugs based on the situation of the client on stick to-up analysis. This is one particular of the most essential elements of taking care of the ailment.

Myths and details about Parkinson’s Disorder:

Dr. Gunjan Bharadwaj shared the pursuing information – 

#1 Parkinson’s is a progressive, incurable ailment

Parkinson’s doesn’t have a cure as still. Having said that, there are various therapies, which includes Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), treatment, and lifestyle modifications, that can possibly control indicators and make improvements to your quality of everyday living. DBS has proved to be a breakthrough technological innovation that eliminates the tremors and rigidity joined with Parkinson’s condition, empowering the unique to dwell a normal everyday living.

#2 Each particular person with Parkinson’s displays distinctive indicators

The signals and signs or symptoms amid people with Parkinson’s are vastly distinct for everybody. Though indicators like reduction of equilibrium, tremors, diminished mobility, stooped posture, and uncontrollable movements keep on being continuous and frequent, the severity, progression, and frequency of dysfunctions are exceptional in every particular person.

#3 Researchers are however striving to come across the cause of PD

Now, the result in and heal of Parkinson’s are still not recognized. But investigate reveals that genetics, to some extent, enjoy a critical function in the growth of the sickness, as for each the Parkinson’s Illness Foundation. Some reports, on the other hand, counsel that hereditary triggers of this affliction are exceptional. About 10 to 15 per cent of people with Parkinson’s have a relatives record of it. Gurus emphasize that a mixture of genetic and environmental components is dependable for causing Parkinson’s sickness.

#4 Non-motor indications of Parkinson’s are additional adverse

Parkinson’s ailment is mostly distinguished by 4 indications, like impaired coordination, tremors in the arms, legs, jaw, or arms, serious muscle mass stiffness, and slow motion. However a the vast majority of persons practical experience these indicators, there are also non-motor indications that are not regularly connected with the illness. For illustration, a lot of sufferers report mood diseases, constipation, tiredness, rest disturbances, melancholy, panic, and urinary difficulties. These side outcomes drastically have an effect on a person’s top quality of existence and affect their capability to carry out each day things to do.

#5 Parkinson’s strikes a lot more men than women of all ages

In the previous several yrs, quite a few scientific studies have indicated that men are much more vulnerable to producing PD as when compared to females. Even so, females have revealed a quicker progression and larger mortality rate due to the problem. Whilst researchers have but to ensure the rationale behind this, some stories propose that females are considerably less at danger due to the fact of the prospective protective impression of the woman hormone estrogen on the nervous process.

Suffering from Parkinson’s disorder is not constrained to dealing with occasional loss of balance and tremors. Nevertheless, residing with this ailment does not suggest the finish of the globe. The illness and its symptoms can be managed with the ideal healthcare intervention.

Debunking particular myths and misconceptions bordering Parkinson’s, Dr. Gunjan Bharadwaj highlighted –

Myth 1: Parkinson’s only causes motion-relevant (motor) indications

Point: Even though it is real that PD includes indications like shaking and tremors, slowness of motion, rigid muscle tissues, and a flat or frozen expression, there’s extra to it. In the previous number of a long time, non-motor indicators have gotten interest from health care industry experts and researchers. In simple fact, for a lot of individuals, non-motor signs are additional serious than motor signs. These signs or symptoms include things like dementia, cognitive impairment, fatigue, anxiousness and depression, and snooze issues.

Fantasy 2: Parkinson’s medicines are toxic

Actuality: Though the misunderstanding that the prescription drugs obtainable for Parkinson’s are toxic was debunked, it exists. Levodopa is the most widespread drug treatment for PD. It’s an successful drug that can help men and women with motor symptoms. But many clients wrongly assumed that more than time, this drug will make the situation development a lot quicker. The actuality is, that as extended as the medication is getting employed in the suitable proportion and for the appropriate period, it is protected and helpful for people today with PD.

Fantasy 3: Parkinson’s intensifies and then fades away

Truth: Not like other illnesses that can flare up and fade absent ultimately, Parkinson’s does not functionality like that. The indications could be superior or worse just about every working day, but the condition as these is usually progressing, though slowly and gradually.

The misconceptions all around Parkinson’s condition can be hazardous for these making an attempt to realize the analysis. Getting equipped to differentiate in between the info and myths can help regulate persons living with Parkinson’s ailment.

Dr Pankaj Agarwal pointed out the a number of myths and misconceptions around diversified facets of PD –

Myth 1: Parkinson’s only triggers body movement-related (motor) problems’

Fact: ‘Patients with Parkinson’s condition may possibly also expertise non-motor signs these kinds of as melancholy, rest disturbances, constipation, a lack of odor, urine incontinence, and dizziness on standing. These are severe ‘non-motor’ symptoms that want right consideration, treatment, and treatment alongside with the more clear motor indications.

Myth 2: ‘‘All Parkinson’s patients have Hand Shaking’

Point: Tremor is incredibly widespread in PD, but 10-15{fc1509ea675b3874d16a3203a98b9a1bd8da61315181db431b4a7ea1394b614e} of clients could not have tremor at all. These individuals may well alternatively have slowness, stiffness of their human body components, strolling difficulty and decline of stability as their principal problems. Certainly each and every client with PD has diverse signs and symptoms and no two patients are alike.

Fantasy 3: ‘If I have Parkinson’s, I will absolutely come to be disabled or die early’

Reality: Not genuine. PD is not a deadly sickness, as opposed to a critical heart assault or stroke. Most individuals with Parkinson’s if delivered early and proper neurological care can guide around-usual life with a near-normal lifespan and manageable signs.

Fantasy 4: ‘Parkinson’s is only seen in old people’

Fact: While the vast majority of Parkinson’s disease people are over 60 decades outdated, but today It is starting to be significantly prevalent to have signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s ailment ahead of the age of 40, Do not be astonished if you see an individual with PD in their 30s or even in their 20s.

Myth 5: ‘Parkinson’s cannot operates in households as it is not hereditary’

Simple fact: Although this may possibly be accurate in the vast majority (80{fc1509ea675b3874d16a3203a98b9a1bd8da61315181db431b4a7ea1394b614e}+)of PD scenarios, at minimum 15-20 {fc1509ea675b3874d16a3203a98b9a1bd8da61315181db431b4a7ea1394b614e} of Parkinson’s is now deemed to be genetic in origin. Several genes are now properly acknowledged to trigger PD and result in it in numerous customers of 1 family members.

Fantasy 6: ‘There is no excellent therapy for Parkinson’s’

Truth: Quite a few cure options exist that let people with Parkinson’s disease to stay improved, or to are living close to their regular lives when appropriately treated by PD experts these kinds of as motion disorders neurologists. Several varieties of dopamine-altering medicines, physiotherapy, and lifestyle improvements all participate in a huge purpose. In particular folks with innovative or critical sickness, surgical treatment (DBS) can productively lower signs although also preserving a worthwhile high-quality of everyday living for a extensive time.

Adding to the record of myths in Parkinson’s disorder prognosis, Dr Syed Moeed Zafer, Consultant Neurologist and Movement Disorders Specialist at Mumbai’s Masina Healthcare facility, shared –

Fantasy #1 – Tremor means Parkinson’s illness:

Tremor is a symptom of Parkinson’s sickness BUT can take place in a lot of other conditions also-like Essential Tremor, Dystonic tremor and Increased physiological tremor.

Fantasy #2 – My household member has Parkinson’s ailment so I might also establish the very same:

Parkinson’s sickness is typically sporadic(happening in only a single unique in family).Not often it can be familial or inherited, for this reason the chance of a relatives member becoming impacted in pretty fewer.

Fantasy #3 – MRI Mind can verify the analysis of Parkinson’s sickness:

Parkinson’s sickness is a medical diagnosis-produced by your medical professional. MRI Mind if asked for is to rule out other analysis-it does not ensure Parkinson’s disorder.

Myth #4 – No treatment for Parkinson’s illness:

Parkinson’s illness is not curable-BUT it is treatable and the signs and symptoms can be incredibly properly controlled with drugs and subsequently Unit assisted therapies.

Fantasy #5 – Levodopa phobia – do not use Levodopa in any other case it will direct to critical troubles:

Levodopa is the best efficient procedure for Parkinson’s disease-it can be employed early if the affected person has substantial disabling signs or symptoms. It is the dose of Levodopa and the period of sickness which have an affect on progress of motor issues in Parkinson’s disease.

Fantasy #6 – Deep Mind Stimulation is not an successful treatment of Parkinson’s condition:

Deep Brain stimulation is an established and extremely helpful treatment of Parkinson’s sickness-in meticulously picked sufferers at a phase when the signs and symptoms grow to be disabling and the reaction to medications is limited.

Fantasy #7 – Stem mobile remedy can cure Parkinson’s condition:

Stem mobile therapy is at experimental stage-it is not an established treatment for Parkinson’s sickness