Some NH police chiefs want to nix officers’ physical fitness test

John Scippa (left), director of the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council, and Capt. Adam Hawkins, who oversees fitness testing for the council, answer lawmakers’ questions about a bill that would eliminate the test for law enforcement officers.

Enough regulation enforcement officers are failing to move the required exercise examination for sit-ups, drive-ups, and a 1.5-mile operate that some police chiefs in New Hampshire are backing a monthly bill that would do absent with the health requirement. 

That features Hinsdale Law enforcement Main Charles Rataj, who instructed the House Felony Justice and General public Protection Committee this week that the examination is producing it hard to retain the services of and keep officers. 

“I would relatively have a substantial, robust officer who just can not do 20 sit-ups with me as opposed to no officer at all,” he stated. “Or I would rather have a detective lieutenant who’s superb at investigating sex offenses and who is in her mid- to late 40s and just just can’t run a mile and a 50 percent without hurting her hips.”